How cool is typography?

Since last year I’ve been putting aside my sketches and illustrations and spending more and more time working on typography.

typography?..sounds banal, I know, most of the people (not designers, hopefully) see it as such insignificant thing without knowing that unconsciously the information we usually receive it’s been guided by the font used to transport it.

Jessica Hische, a well-known and respected letterer, illustrator and blogger wrote:

“Typefaces definitely have personalities…I usually want something even-tempered and laid back but not lacking in personality. Finding typefaces with the right personality balance can be incredibly difficult…”

Typography is a vehicle, through which we communicate a tone of voice, age, emotion. The visual characteristics of the font can manipulate the message received.

Ideally, typefaces and font are chosen for a reason, each type of font respond to a target, time and place (print and digital), so, Used correctly, typography can convey a certain mood or feeling. The audience needs to understand what message you are trying to send and be interested in it. Having the appropriate font sets the tone for your presentation before you even begin.

So my conclusion is that typography is an Art, whether you see it or not, Every content may contain some mundane text. If used effectively, typography can make them look attractive and with the right approach help you catch readers.

Don’t know if you agree or not, just sharing some thoughts.


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